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US Desperate for Post-Gaza Palestinian Partners

The Spy’s Handbook Offers a Key to Middle East Peace

Why Wasn't Trump Quickly Arrested in Classified Docs Case?

China's Secret War Preps Inside US Utilities

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Portrait of a Troubled Loner-Leaker

Israel’s Assassinations Road to Perdition

A Wartime Spy Tale Made for the Movies

Doubts On Israel Vow to Assassinate Hamas Leaders

Cuban Spy Service Dazzles Again

Exclusive: Judge orders FBI to hand over 9/11 documents on Saudi spy

Ukraine Spy Chief’s Wife Poisoned: Reports

Eavesdropping on the Taliban with the Angels of Death

Updated: U.S. Intelligence Gap on Potential Hamas, Hezbollah Threats to U.S.

A Young Spy's Unforgettable Thanksgiving

Updated: Plausible Denial

Try This JFK Murder Whodunnit: The Cubans

Gaza Is Not Entebbe

When Wartime Women Triumphed Under Cover

Tunnel Rats Redux

Shock Therapy

Netanyahu Can't Stick Around: Former Mossad Chief

Bungle in the Jungle

Target Moscow

Israel Turns to Advance Tech to Spy On Hamas Tunnels

Inglorious Bastards

The Spies of Hamas

Israel Conflict Challenges U.S. Intelligence

Spurious Spy Now Runs RFK, Jr. Campaign

New Tales of Some Astonishing CIA Women

Did China Really Lose a Nuclear Submarine?

How Did Hamas Acquire Advanced Rockets?

Shocking Hamas Assault on Israel Echoes 1973 Yom Kippur Intelligence Failure

Interview: David Martin on the Wilderness of Mirrors, and More

US Intelligence Surprised by African Coup

Let's Not Forget Dianne Feinstein's Moral Clarity on Torture

Anatomy of a Smear

CIA Silent on the Looming Shutdown

The Perilous Path of Assassinations

Why is Mexico Offering Russia a Safe Haven for Its Spies?

Chinese Spy Balloon Hysteria Was Baseless, Milley Says

A Royal Shade of Spies

A CIA Epitaph on 9/11

The Dog Ate My Homework

Another JFK Anniversary, Another Conspiracy Theory

A Red Hot Cold War Thriller

How a Harvard Academic Secretly Blunted a Daring Cold War KGB Op

Music From Big White

Dog Days on the Road

Sex, Lies and Women at the CIA

UPDATED: Prigozhin Demise, Spy Ops and Sabotage

“Golda” Opening Friday, Illuminates Israeli Intelligence Failures in 1973 War

The Power Behind Iranian Terror

IG Report Confirms Hate Speech in Classified IC Chat Rooms

FBI's Intimidating Visit on Discord Leak Story

A CIA Family Drama

Profile of a Traitor

The MAGA Threats This Time

In Oppenheimer Red Hunt, FBI Missed Real Atomic Spies

Fate of Top Chinese Official Remains Unknown

Breaking: Netanyahu Says He May Ignore High Court, Putting Israel's Spy Agencies at Crossroads in Political Crisis

“Golda” Opening Friday, Illuminates Israeli Intelligence Failures in 1973 War

Spy Rumors Swirl in Chinese Foreign Minister’s Absence

Chat, Anyone?

France’s Macron Derails NATO-Pacific Alliance Plan—For Now

Did a Female Chinese Super Spy Wreck CIA Ops?

The Talented Mr. Luft

FBI’s Comey Commits an Act of Crime Fiction

Evan Gershkovich Could Use a Whole Lotta Love

Thinking of You

SpyTalk Fireworks: Big July 4 Sub Sale

Biden Gives Israel a Pass on West Bank Violence

Japan’s Spy Buildup Faces Obstacles

A Spy Windfall Looms from Russian Chaos

Russia Coup: Pop Goes the Weasel

New Biden Nuclear Deal with Iran Threatens Kurds


All Quiet on the Miami Front

US Spurns Blockbuster Venezuelan Prisoner Trade Offer

Middle East Spy Thriller is a Powerful Debut for Ex-CIA Officer

Opinion: Media Too Pliable on Murky Intelligence

CIA Finally Admits to Hand in Iraq Detainee’s Death

Turncoat Hanssen Was a Very Weird Dude

Taiwan is Losing its Spy Wars with China

About That Beluga Whale Spy...

OSS Agents in Repose, After the Guns Fell Silent

Once More with Feeling: Henry Kissinger: Killer Case Officer

Memorial Day Sale

A New History of the Church Committee

Nearly 600 Americans Missing in Mexico

"Ghosts of Beirut," a Reflective Counterterrorism Masterpiece

Biden Maintains Veil Over Israeli Nuclear Bomb Program

A Real Iran Crisis Story Behind 'The Diplomat'

Jack Teixeira and Me

A Life Lost in the Maw of Counterterrorism

Behind the Bust of China’s Brash New York Spy Base

The Air Force Loves War Gamers Like Teixeira

That Monster Leak

Join me on Notes for that fast moving leaks story

On That DoD Intelligence Leak Shocker

Netanyahu Plies Disinformation Ploy to Salvage Tenure

Trump Court Jitters

A Short History of Spy Swaps

Danger Zone: Spy Agencies and Journalists

China Raids Beijing Office of US Investigations Firm

Exclusive: FBI Agents Accuse CIA of 9/11 Coverup

Israeli-Saudi Intelligence Ties Stirred, Not Shaken by Iran Rapprochement

Battle for the Skies Over Ukraine

Picture This: A Compelling New Photo History of a “Secret War”

Bridge over Troubled Gulf Waters

A New TV Spy Drama Worthy of LeCarré

Afghan Drug Lords Escaped Justice—But Did It Matter?

What Kind of a Person Reads SpyTalk?

China Shaking Up Spy Agencies?

Afghan Treachery and Kabul's Collapse

FDR’S Female Secret Agent Wore Two Hats

A Final Word on Balloongate

Fauda is Back—With a Vengeance

Return to the Wilderness of Mirrors

SpyTalk Midwinter Half-Off Sale

St. Valentine's Day Malefactor

Mole Reversal

Frenemies: US-Israel Spy Strains Emerge Over Iran

Pssst: Chinese Balloon Not a Threat

How Sick is the Spying Game?

Secret Agent Man: The Mysterious Charlie McGonigal

Updated: Putin’s Ukraine Folly Enables Kremlin Rivals

Rocky Road Ahead for House Intelligence Panel

The Perfect Spy Was a Cuban Agent