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Military Spies, and Military Subversives

Russian Invasion of Ukraine is ‘Almost Certain,' Cyber Expert Says

Temperatures Rising in US-Russia Cold War Over Ukraine

Smashed Plots, and Then Some

New JFK Assassination Documents? Meh

Half Off Gift Subscriptions for Christmas

The Books Spies Loved in 2021

Visit to a Lost CIA Base in Afghanistan

New HBO Documentary on CIA Torture Has a John Le Carré Vibe

Spies, Lies, Algorithms & Sex Crimes

Spies in the Ointment: Which Way Will FBI, CIA Swing if Trump Returns?

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The Endless CIA-Oswald Coverup

The CIA Swamp in a Novel Nutshell

Biden May Up Ukraine Intelligence-Sharing

Updated: Steele Dossier in Tatters

Israel’s Fingers in Sudan

Corrected: Appeal for CIA, DoD Clandestine Ops to Rescue Afghan Allies

Bizarre Plots and Nasty Coverups

Frenemies: How the CIA and Polish Spies Went from Bitter Rivals to Post-Cold War Comrades

Mossad’s New Boss is a Gadget-Loving Killing Machine

Dems Launch Preemptive Strike on Gates ‘60 Minutes’ Spot

CIA Puts a Public Target on China's Back

For Your Eyes Only

Flynn Secretly Paid $200,000 in Middle East Nuclear Scheme—Report

New Spy Thriller Has a Novel Twist on Syria Ops

Taliban Include Heroin Kingpins in Leadership

Pakistan to Taliban: You Owe Us

The Milley Miasma

Diplomats in Wolves' Clothing

What Now?

The Man Who Loved Spying

The 'American Taliban' and Me

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Kabul’s loss and a new 9/11 terror warning

Now, for the Accountability

Spying After Kabul: The Human Factor

Ex-Trump Spy Chief Grenell Celebrates Pro-Moscow Serb Strongman

Implications for the Kabul Catastrophe

New Kabul Scare: Terror Groups and Anti-Aircraft Missiles

CIA Won't Back an Afghan Resistance Anytime Soon, If Ever

Al-Qaeda’s Learning Curve: the Fall of the Roman Empire

Kabul Doomwatch: A Veteran TV Correspondent Recalls Escapes from Vietnam, Cambodia

Emergency Visa System Fixed, State Dept Says

Exclusive: U.S. Channel for Emergency Afghan Visas Crashes

Kabul Multiple Metaphors

A Perfectly Timed New Spy Thriller

Spies vs. Spies

Secret Agents, Threats, Fake News Target Ethiopia Regime's Critics in US

FBI’s Game Plan on Violent Extremists Needs a Review

DIA Medical Sleuth Knocks China Biowarfare Plot Theory

Early Warning Hits and Misses

Families of Spies

NSO’s Spyware Abuse Exposed Years Ago 

A Dazzling Debut Spy Thriller Carved in Poison

New Russiagate Docs: Bombshell or Hoax?

Battling on All Fronts

Absent Without Malice

A Breather

Enemies Within and Without

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The Spies That Bind

Interrogations: How Did We Get to Brutal?

‘Dozens’ of Chinese Moles in U.S. Intelligence, U.S. expert claims

New: Another Bond, James Bond

Did the Navy Try to Design Its Own UFO?

Feds: We Don’t Have Chinese Defector Dong Jingwei 

Chinese Defector Mystery Deepens

High-level Chinese Defection Rumored

Our Darkest Hours

Putin, Patient Spy, Awaits Biden, a Man in a Hurry

Alarm Over China Spying, Hacking

Former CIA Officer: Close Guantánamo

The Gathering Storms

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

Easy Listening

Russian Cyber Swipes Expose U.S. Leadership Gap

Update: Pompeo-Backed Oil Company Loses Syria Contract

Pompeo-Backed Oil Company Loses Syria Contract

Is Africa Lost to Islamist Militants?

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Former CIA Director: We Were Surprised by Arab Spring

Is the CIA Losing Its Grip in the Middle East?

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CIA Officer Became ‘Formidable Foe’ of U.S. Government

Crisis and Confusion

SpyTalk at the Movies: A Descent into Online Terror

Iran Talks in a Pressure Cooker

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SpyTalk at the Movies: The Human Factor

My Jason Matthews

This Weekend's SpyTalk Podcast

Bombs in the Box: China’s Trojan Horse Navy

Putin Just Doesn’t Care

The Crazy CIA Plot to Kill the Other Castro

New: The SpyTalk Podcast

Chauvin Verdict Averts Further Foreign Damage

SpyTalk at the Movies: The Courier

Spy Spats' Sound and Fury

CIA’s Big Afghanistan Problem

Get Smart: 5 Ways to Read an Intelligence Report

Lone Star Spooks: CIA Ops in Texas

Spooks on the Rio: U.S. Spy Agencies’ Little Known Homeland Security Role

Gaetz ‘Extortion’ Figure's Levinson Obsession

A Wild Ride into a Future War With China

CIA Super Spy, or Super Con?

Israeli Spy Pollard Betrays America Yet Again

Bill Burns' CIA and the Roads Not Taken

China's Deep Strike

Man of Mystery Hustles Myanmar

Murder Most Fouled: How Pakistani Spy Officials Blocked Justice for Daniel Pearl

Knock-Knock: How the FBI Scares Off Would-Be Capitol Bombers

The Mole and Me

JFK Assassination Gets Cra-Cra Spin From Ex-CIA Director Woolsey

Unintended Consequences: Inside Story of an Unsung Counterterrorism Strike

Gallego: More Spies, Retool Spec Ops for China Conflict

A Few Bad Men—and More

A Spy for Every Winter

An FBI Code for the Business World

Hope and Chaos on the Border

Spy Sorries: Jan. 6's Massive Intelligence Failure

A Detective in China: A Memoir of Sleuthing Out Technology Cheating

Slain FBI Agents Worked in ‘A Dark Place’

Rummy and the Spooks: New 'Snowflakes' Reveal a Grotesque Intel Failure

How the KGB Hooked Trump

CIA for Dummies: An Ordinary Guy’s Take on a Spy Agency History

Thobes and Daggers: CIA Veterans Assess U.S. Options in Saudi Arabia

A Clean Slate

Can U.S. Spy Agencies Stop White Power Violence?

Former Spy Boss Hayden: Ellis NSA Appointment is 'Really Bad' (Updated)

Can U.S. Spy Agencies Stop White Power Violence?

Rage Over Mexico's Insults on Big Time Drug Case

Pence Must Denounce White Terrorism, Famed FBI Counterterrorism Agent Says

She Had a Code: The Secret Life of Elizebeth Smith Friedman

The Secret Life of a Female Code Breaker

Kabul on the Potomac

Capitol Bombs Hunt Could Take Weeks

Trump is 'Waking Up the Next Tim McVeigh,' Prominent Former Neo-Nazi says

China’s Top Spy is a Working Class Hero