For Your Eyes Only

A remarkable coincidence between the latest 007 flick and a hacked extremist server


On this week’s SpyTalk podcast, two streams of real and imagined history collide: the evolving enemies of the James Bond flicks and shadowy networks of violent extremists revealed in the hack of a rogue right wing server.

Podcast co-host Jeanne Meserve talk with longtime extremists expert Heidi Beirich about the epic Epik hack, which revealed disturbing links among violent anti-government groups and individuals and more mainline conservatives.

And legendary ‘Condor’ author James Grady talks with me about the evolution of 007 villains from the relatively sunny days of Sean Connery and Spectre to the edgy reign of Daniel Craig, pitted against non-state terrorist financiers in No Time to Die, his last portal of Bond, hits theaters this week.

By the way, Grady’s latest in a long stream of compelling crime noir novels, This Train, is coming in May.

Listen to Grady and Beirich with me and Jeanne here, or wherever you get your podcasts.