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Excellent and timely read. The author should be quite proud of her work.

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I am new to SPYTALK and I read this very good story of women in Intelligence.

On the eve of Veteran's day it is only fitting to honor those that served during

WWII and thereafter especially as I.S. Berry states "She has seemingly accomplished an impossible task: documenting every morsel of information about women working for MI5, MI6, and Britain’s various intelligence sub-agencies from WWI through WWII." My Mother's best friend, a women, was in the French undergroud during WWII and propably with Marie-Madeleine Bridou group of agents and never came back and is a testament to those women who siliently served as stated by I.S. Berry, " As Claude Dansey, deputy head of MI6, once told the spectacular French underground agent Marie-Madeleine Bridou, “You’re a woman and I’m ashamed of seeing you all these years doing things I couldn’t do myself." There are many other stories of women who silently served in the present day never to be recognized. We honor those women that have and do serve as this article by I.S. Berry clearly shows. Howard Walther Santa Barbara CA.

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Great story - BUT - did you really intend the "double meanig" of the headline?

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No double entendre meant.

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