Excellent analysis.

Sadly, our nation has the attention span of a mayfly, so it was inevitable that the Ukraine problem would soon enough get demoted from interest.

However, the stakes are enormous.

Waffling about pursuing a clean win sends terrible signals to our far more threatening challenge, China.

We can’t afford to send China a message of weakness because we stand to lose a lot more in blood and treasure in the near future if China draws the wrong conclusions.

Old saying: Pay me now or pay me later.

Real support can’t be just big talk. It must be providing what’s needed in a timely way.

Ron Marks states that necessity very clearly.

Good for him!

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It’s not about”we” bearing any price. Pundits like Marks won’t suffer. It’s the middle class and poor who will suffer for a country they couldn’t find on a map. To them it is becoming “do we pay the rent, eat, or buy gas?” Why is it that the refugees I see coming out of Ukraine look healthier and certainly better dressed than the people I see everyday in my local Walmart?

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Too true. Also: Will we have the intestinal fortitude to resist Chinese expansion at the same time?

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Interesting. I believe you are right, particularly that a potential economic recession is heading toward us, not to mention lingering pandemic risks. These two crises will already mobilize a lot of resources for the West, and could distract it away from the Ukraine battlefield.

The Russians are in for the long haul as they have now no other choice than to beat Zelensky. What Moscow started, it must finish. But the same is valid for the West: after the disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan, the West cannot allow itself to lose this proxy war with Russia.

A Russian victory would have huge geopolitical implications in the rest of the world: how trustworthy would the West be as an ally in, for example, Asia or the Middle East, if Ukraine would be defeated?

Aside from the question of remaining resolute, what would the West (NATO) do if Putin expands its war of aggression towards Moldova? Or what if Russia uses tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine? Not sure if NATO would mobilise its troops to retaliate.

NATO too needs a ‘Churchillian’ figure at its head, but alas no one is yet to be found. On paper NATO can beat Putin, but has Washington/ Brussels the political spine to face off the Russians directly?

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Jun 15, 2022Liked by Jeff Stein

Excellent read; thanks for the necessary analysis.

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