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I am new to SPYTALK and read this very interesting article on Fox Kennedy.

The main issue in this Story is Fox's alleged undercover work for the CIA

that seems to be confirmed by her recent book. As Mr. Hettena states

"Fox Kennedy was a “NOC,” one of the agency’s operatives working under “non-official cover.” NOCs work overseas as private individuals without any apparent affiliation with a U.S. government agency or embassy, which leaves them vulnerable to being caught spying. Fox Kennedy says she posed as an art dealer, a cover she claims the agency let her choose."

It seems that Fox was working overseas in some sort of capacity with the CIA and if so this is

very dangerous work. Furthermore Hettena states "The identities of NOC operatives are some of the most deeply held secrets in the CIA. “If she were a NOC, they may not feel comfortable acknowledging her relationship with the CIA,” Gail Helt, a former CIA analyst, told SpyTalk."

So Mr. Hettena is admitting that Fox was a NOC or working in this capacity overseas and what is disturbing here is Hettena's first statement in his article seems to discredit Kennedy and his run for President because of this family relationship with Fox. "Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign for president is now being run by his daughter-in-law, who happens to be a former employee of the CIA—the same agency that RFK Jr. believes played a role in the 1963 murder of his uncle, the 35th president, and his father."

First, if Fox Kennedy was a NOC working overseas for the CIA she deserves and has earned our respect. However using Fox's (her) service as a method to write a negative article againt Kennedy and his family is questionable at best. I know there are alot of retired CIA and Intelligence types that read SPYTALK and are quoted in many of the articles here. In my recent posts I have not seen any stories or articles on current operations of US Intelligence here in the US involving foreign operatives, the "Ilegal Program", NOC's or lets say Russian Intelligence and Russian Organized Crime (ROC). Does anyone here have a real current story? I will directly challenge Mr. Seth Hettana, do you have a real current story of foreign Intelligence Operating here in the US and our Intelligence's response to same? As all of the Intelligence officers here know that working undercover as a women overseas is very dangerous work and requires more attention to protocol and protection than a man. That is just a fact. However women seem to be cut out for the merky world of lies, counter-lies, deception, disquieses and just plain ole spying. Some of the best Spys are or were women. Any doubts look at the FBI past and current Assistance Directors of the FBI Intelligence Bracnh who were or are women as now Tonya Ugoretz. https://www.nextgov.com/digital-government/2022/05/fbi-announces-new-intelligence-directorate-chief/367025/ How about Director of National Intelligence Arvil Hanes.

In conclusion, any women working undercover in Intelligence deserves our highest respect.

Howard Walther, Santa Barbara CA

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