I am independent non-American observer, and I wonder, even here at SpyTalk, why do you have to bring up domestic politics by referiring to Trump. Everyone knows, rightly so, Trump is an imbecile, but, trust me, so is Biden.

Honestly speaking, it has always been a mystery to me why a country with more than 300 million people manages to elect losers, whether GOP or Democrats. Do you have the stomach to be a world power, or will you continue to behave like a teenager?

What do you expect to accomplish by always referring to domestic politics? Don’t you realize that your country is already so divided, polarized and toxic, and yet you chose to walk the partisan way? Don’t you believe that what the US, right now, needs is unity; instead of you (un)willingly fueling partisanship. That is exactly what Putin was Xi were hoping for. Good job, NOT.

Trump may have had an irresponsible Russia/ Ukraine policy, but so does Biden, and you don’t seem to much more wiser either.

It’s sad to see a city on the shining hill undergoing a blackout.

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