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Very interesting...although I only a bowl of cereal this morning! I had a 6th grade teacher that told us about the

"sino soviet split". He said,in the 60's before the Cuban missle crisis, that we didn't have to worry about Russia...we had to worry about China someday. Of course now I admit I am biased,living the Chinese nightmare of having a child detained nearly 8 yrs in China...and the current administration ignores him; what my teacher said is coming true if not already. At that time of course if you even looked or spoke out, you were a Communist! I too read reviews on books..I only have an antenna for tv so I'm reduced to watching old John Wayne movies and sitcoms, it's nice..I don't have a car since February so I opened Marks box of books I had put away 6 yrs ago. I finished them all..everything from Swiss Family Robinson to War and Peace. I'm looking forward to more recommendations on SpyTalk so I can order them. I'm pretty much done with election news, violence, and he said- she said crap. I spent 2 weeks in Houston on the top floor of a friends apt right downtown..there were signs on windows below in other bldgs that said BLM all while homeless black men and women walked pushing carts up to trash cans looking for food, their shirts filthy and shoes that didn't fit. Ironic at best.. I finished my part of Marks book, Red Cardinal and the rest will be done when he comes home...

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