I agree than unmasking a journalist's contacts with a foreign power should be off limits and that the NSA comments were at minimum very misleading. Having said that, I am appalled that so little has been said about the damage Carlson's interview with Putin has had on our national security interests. It is a new low for the former Fox anchor, and that is really saying something, but his actions should be condemned in as many ways as possible. He obviously agrees with Putin's deranged reading of Russian history or he should have pushed back on the many falsehoods the Russian leader uttered.

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I read this article and I quote "According to a report in The Record, a cybersecurity news site, the NSA picked up communications between “third parties” that mentioned Carlson. Two people familiar with the matter declined to comment on who mentioned Carlson in their communications."

The NASA has everything that is transmitted in air in any capacity>>>


We, that is the US Navy, have everything that is transmitted in water>


That said I would wager a large bet that Tucker was breifed before "going over" and Putin knew that.

As Sun Tzu is credited with the phrase “Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer.”

I have been around Russians for over 35 Years and Putin Interview is a "Treasure Trove"

for analysts and the like. Lets "keep the focus" and drop the polital nonsense.

Howard Walther, member of a Military Familu

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