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This is very good and points to two, equally important takeaways. First, the breathless hyperbole about the risk of violent protest at the site, see eg this blather in The WAPO, https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2023/06/11/trump-miami-courthouse-security-protests/, is truly irresponsible. In NY and now Miami, there were more journalists than protesters. All these articles do is intensify division by creating the impression that Trump supporters en masse are inclined to stage another Jan 6, which is simply false. Second, the article once again points to the error of referring to actors as “lone wolves.” Though they may ultimately act alone, they very much are and imagine themselves to be part of a community that fulfills their basic human need to live a life of meaning. There is emphatically nothing solitary about them, and THAT’S the problem.

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most of those 74 million people are farmers, truckers, and other non-skilled workers, that keep this country running. Without them, you couldn't eat, you wouldn't get your amazon shipments, you wouldn't have your local handyman for home repairs. They're an integral part of this country, but they're expected, nay demanded, to shutup and just do their jobs and not bother the elites. After a decade plus of "flyover country" being called Bible thumpers, deplorables, and more recently, semi-fascists and domestic terrorists, they snapped.

To be clear, I fully condemn violence. I condemn anyone who breaks the law. Two wrongs never make a right. But Democrats have been insulting and degrading these people for 2+ decades, and now that they've snapped, none of the blame falls on the Democrat's shoulders? Their hurtful name calling doesn't deserve consequences? How then are we not in a two tiered system?

Btw, remember when the media was incensed at the hastag "lockherup" in 2016? Where's that anger now at people holding signs that say "lockhimup"?

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One set of antidotes is cameras in the Trump courtroom (or at least an audio feed) and more public engagement by Justice (somehow without appearing to put a thumb on the scales) so the defendant's incendiary public posturing isn't the only sound on the wind. Oh, and shame this Trump loving spoiler of a judge to recuse herself. And pretend pigs can fly.

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