We have a very rare opportunity to "cut a deal" to preserve peace and prosperity for all in the future. We just have to do it and end the active wars. It can be done. but belligerent moods can also be used to make it work. It helps some people to see both paths before they choose. Do chose cooperation.

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Thank you, thank you for the article.

It is all the more relevant based on events of the past week or so.

First a US Navy vessel seized an oil tanker carrying Iranian oil in the Straits of Hormuz (this was not well publicized in the western media but sent to my inbox from a commodity trading concern dedicated to making its clients money and providing what is happening in the world).

Then, a 'tit for tat'. The Iranian's seized an oil tanker in the Straits... which the western press fell over itself telling the populace... but kindly forgetting about the US being the first actor on stage.

Now the western press screams of another Iranian seizure of an oil tanker, this time an empty one.

Your recommended article is highlighting another area where activity is afoot and more so after the Chinese brokering of Peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Thanks again

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Don't think we can stand down on either Ukraine or South China Sea, yet our government's record on basing approval for military action on their word is .... lacking.

I objected to us invading Iraq. I lost a lot of "friends" because of my position. History has proven me to be correct although they still won't talk with me.

Our government's record for telling the truth is nil. This problem goes back decades, if not centuries. How do we fix it?

I read widely and prefer news sources I have to pay for (not advertiser supported).

Thanks, Jeff.

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May 7, 2023Liked by Jeff Stein

As a thirty year Navy vet who was a fly on the wall when some very important things were happening, I have no doubt that this lady is an unsung patriot.

The whole Seven Days in May/neocon thing is not overblown one bit. Didn’t know that about Cosgriff but it doesn’t surprise me at all. CDR Inman was more worried about covering his six than doing or supporting the right thing. There’s a lot of that.

How far we have fallen.

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