Is That a Spy in Your Chimney?

Or are you just happy to see us?


SpyTalk's coming with bells on. Christmas is only days away, so we know you’re doing some last-minute shopping. You’re online right now, aren’t you? Like us? Gonna buy socks, a scarf or a Sharper Image thingie again? Stop!

I have to tell you that one of my favorite, low cost, last-minute stocking stuffers for friends and family is a subscription. It’s a gift that keeps on giving—literally. They’ll definitely tell you how much they like it. Again and again, with every edition.

How’s that for blowback!?

So how about sending a special someone or wannabe spy a gift subscription to SpyTalk? You probably have at least one special friend or relative who’d enjoy scoops and unconventional commentary at the intersection of espionage, foreign policy, homeland security and military operations. Or how’s this: the latest on spy books and flicks from our own James Grady, the man who invented Condor?

Spy stuff—that’s our beat. “Intelligence for thinking people,” we like to say. Don’t miss a minute of the last, chaotic days of the outgoing Trump administration or transition to the incoming Biden national security team. We’ll be profiling the new players, taking you behind the scenes. Sussing out new policies. Telling you what it means.

So how about it? It’s easy. Right here, just hit the dead drop—>

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