Is a New Cold War Looming if Joe Biden Wins? Open thread—>

The former Vice President has talked tough on China, but in different language from Trump's


The Democratic party platform called for countering China “without resorting to self-defeating, unilateral tariff wars or falling into the trap of a new Cold War,” but Beijing’s aggressive influence operations and espionage activity in the United States, and its threats to Taiwan, may prompt Joe Biden into taking more assertive action. Continuing or even extending sanctions on Chinese officials and firms is one likely weapon of a Biden presidency, even as he drops Trump’s tit-for-tat tariff wars.

Biden has also supported sanctions on Russia for its elections interference here, and mocked President Trump for his affection for Vladimir Putin.

“At the very least,” Bloomberg reported last month, “analysts expect that a victory for Biden would increase tensions between Washington and Moscow, and would raise the probability of new sanctions on Russia.”

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