A Perfectly Timed New Spy Thriller

Former CIA officer Taylor Moore’s ‘Down Range’ bridges crimes and violence in Afghanistan and Texas


What happens when a battle-tested undercover operative comes back from Afghanistan? Sure, he can go home again. But in Down Range, a new novel by Taylor Moore, a retired U.S. intelligence officer, there is no escape from the real world of corruption, violence, and death.

Down Range is the debut installment of a series of action thrillers focusing on Garrett Kohl, undercover in Afghanistan. At the outset, Kohl, on assignment with the Drug Enforcement Administration, is pinned down and alone on a surveillance mission in the Afghan hills. He has some quick thinking to do: he is powerless when he stumbles upon a civilian massacre by black-clad marauders, possibly Taliban, possibly opium traffickers, or both; the rules of engagement are to avoid contact unless attacked, and engagement would be suicide. But when he spots a young Afghan trying to escape, he makes a decision that could jeopardize his future. He rescues the survivor and hustles him to safety. Kohl is sent stateside with the you…

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