A Nice October Surprise

SpyTalk is picking up plaudits from people who count. We're thrilled.


A couple weeks ago Politico called SpyTalk a “must-read.” Then the folks at AFIO, the Association for Former Intelligence Officers, applauded us for coming back “with gusto.” (SpyTalk first appeared in 2005 at Congressional Quarterly, then moved to The Washington Post in 2010, then found a home at Newsweek for nearly seven years. We rebooted as a newsletter here in September.)

Now comes The Washington Post’s national security reporter Shane Harris, who gave us a nice shout-out on Rational Security, the podcast he hosts featuring Brookings scholars Tamara Cofman Wittes, Benjamin Wittes, and Susan Hennessey. (You can find their sharp takes at the Lawfare blog.

“I want to flag for readers a new publication—newish, I guess,” Harris said of SpyTalk. “It's been on the scene for what, a couple of weeks… couple of months actually.”

“It's a very cool site with a lot of interesting articles, a nice variety of newsy stuff, and also feature-y. I think Rational Security listeners will likely find something of interest there,” Harris added.  (To which we say, “Yes!”)

“It's nice to see another group of people jumping into this coverage area,” Harris went on, “particularly folks with as much experience as Jeff and his colleagues.”

So how about you? Become a SpyTalk subscriber and support independent journalism that speaks to readers beyond the DC Beltway.

(By the way: It’s a great gift for the friend or student interested in national security issues but wants the story-behind-the-story.)

See you here soon, I hope!

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